Dr. Phili DeFina, Veteran and American Legion Member.


Sports Concussion Center Director Says Treatment is Key

Rosemarie Moser, Ph.D. says a good motto for young athletes is "When in doubt, sit them out."

Dr DeFina  recently traveled to Thailand to give a series of  lectures on his leading-edge neuroscientific protocols.  These paradigms are being utilized by physicians from across  the U.S.A , with great success. The IBRF works globally to educate the medical community, and to provide hope to the patients they so fervently treat.

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IBRF's mission is multifaceted, with a vision toward advancing cutting-edge brain discoveries for application in diagnosis and treatment.

On September 25th,2016 Dr.DeFina was invited to attend the High-level Political Forum Vision 2030, on Sustainable Development, at the United Nations. Former National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger was one of the many notable speakers.

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Nassau Cop Struck By Drunk Driver Making Remarkable Recovery

Given A Small Chance To Survive, Kenneth Baribault Is Defying All The Odds. View video of his physical therapy in the gallery above.

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