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IBRF's mission is multifaceted, with a vision toward advancing cutting-edge brain discoveries for application in diagnosis and treatment.
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My son Anthony suffered an anoxic in jury in February 2006. From February through July 2006, Anthony was in and out of Helen Hays hospitals in Columbia and Nyack New York. His doctors stated that Anthony would be in an institution for the rest of his life in a vegetative state, and would never recover. Also, he would have to go to a nursing home and wouldn’t be able process language or even come home. We couldn’t get him to open up his eyes, but when he did open them we didn’t know if he could see us, nor recognize us. Then in July, 17, 2006, Anthony was transferred to Kessler where Doctor Fellus took over. Doctor Fellus started adjusting and changing medications. Within three weeks Anthony started showing signs he understood and could process basic information. By Doctor Fellus using the IBRF protocol he was able to help Anthony come so far in his recovery. Today, Anthony can do sit-ups, squats, and stand up from a sitting position and can stay standing for two to three minutes. From his wheelchair he can get on and off the toilet by himself, brush his teeth, comb his hair and use his I pad to play games. We are working on walking (he is able to walk with minimal assistances) and I have no doubt that Anthony will walk again. When people ask “why do you think Anthony has come so far in his recover?” I just reply IBRF. Type your paragraph here.

  On a rainy November 17,2002 in Brooklyn, New York, Sean Biesty was involved in a tragic car accident. A medical mistake made during his post-operative  care resulted in permanent brain damage and left him in a coma.

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Kenneth Baribault 

Nassau police Officer Kenneth Baribault was hit by a drunk driver as he sat in his cruiser on May 18, 2008. He had been questioning another drunk-driving suspect on the side of the Long Island Expressway.


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We at IBRF would like to share the “....challenges, journeys, and triumphs....” TBI patients face each day on their way to recovery.